Fall Wedding Inspiration for Romantic Couples


October 15, 2019

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Let’s talk about ‘Fall vibes’ for a minute. Does Fall bring about feelings of anxiety and overwhelm for you? ⁠I love the change of seasons, but preparing for the holidays, ramping up ‘back to school’ events, and checking in on my goals for the year always takes so much out of me.⁠

Fall Wedding Inspiration for the Romantic Bride featuring vintage calligraphy and artisan cake
Fall Wedding Inspiration

I have been struggling with a decision that has been on my heart for some time, and worry too much about what others think. I have learned to let that go if I’m to get through another season of fall and change in my life without burning out.⁠

I closed my book for weddings for the rest of 2019 despite it being the height of the wedding season in Florida. I have turned down November & December weddings because I cannot serve others well without compromising time with my family and fully enjoying this season. Thanksgiving is my favorite time to slow down before things get too crazy, and Christmas is a family favorite with our girls’ birthday the same week. Doing too much during these months stretches me too thin and fills my heart with anxiety, not joy.⁠

I am faithfully leaning into this season with an open heart and look forward to planning our holiday decor, hosting our annual holiday party, and gathering with friends in the cooler months. I am tired of saying NO to all that’s good during this time.⁠

I hope you find time to reach out to friends and family who make it all worthwhile. ⁠

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