Floral Wedding Inspiration for Romantic Brides


September 15, 2023

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Wedding Inspiration for Romantic Brides

The Barbie Effect

Romance will never go out of style, and neither will PINK. The Barbie effect is still going strong and I am HERE FOR IT. Sometimes, I feel my designs are filled with too many romantic details, too many hints of blush, and too many textures. Then, I am reminded that romance and beauty often go hand in hand.

I saw the movie. I loved the movie. I am a forever fan, for better or worse. Barbie influenced my childhood in many ways and inspired me to create beauty and pursue beauty as a way of life. I designed and created clothes for my Barbie dolls, kept them in pristine condition, and role-played my heart out with the many outfits, accessories and stories I created to bring my childhood dreams to life.

Barbie was NOT a role model for me, though. She was pure inspiration and an outlet for my creativity. I did not aspire to BE like Barbie. I was inspired to CREATE BEAUTY for Barbie’s world. Today, I still aspire to live in Barbie’s world. I restrain myself from adding too much pink to our home decor, buying too many pink and gold accessories for my home office, using too many script fonts in my work, and begging my daughters to let me buy them pretty little things to wear and use on a daily basis.

Love is in the Air

Forever inspired by beauty, that is my mantra. Forever pursuing beauty, that is what I do. I am sure I am not alone. After all, that’s what my designs are about. Creating beauty and inspiring others to pursue beauty in a way that matters. Designing and producing events filled with beauty and meaningful moments.

I hope you are inspired today, to create beauty in your own way. I leave you with the link to one of my most popular blog posts, published for Valentine’s Day years ago. It’s a recipe for a Pretty in Pink cocktail to celebrate any occasion. Cheers, fellow Barbie lovers!

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