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August 1, 2017

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The average couple spends approximately 250 hours planning their wedding, including countless hours browsing inspiration, interviewing vendors and sourcing details for the ceremony and reception. Are you one of the brave couples who decided to plan your own wedding, only to realize it takes a lot more time than you initially thought? Are you tired of browsing online for the perfect photographer, florist or cake artist only to reach out to them and realize they are outside of your budget? We get it. Planning a wedding takes time. It takes research. It takes a lot of spreadsheets, phone calls, and meetings to pull together.  Most of all, though, it requires a clear vision and plan.

There’s a reason I focus on providing full-service design and coordination. It’s because I want you to truly enjoy the wedding planning experience, and spend your time planning your honeymoon and not stressing about details.  How do I do this, while working with more than one couple at once? It’s easy. I follow the same process every time, to you through every phase of the process and support you in making well-informed decisions that will bring your wedding to life – on your terms.

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The Blush & White Experience

Every wedding is unique, so it’s important to get to know you and all about your needs before we start.  When you first contact me, I’ll follow up to prepare you for our initial consultation. This includes sending you an online questionnaire to collect information about everything you’ve already done and an idea of your overall vision. You’ll schedule your consultation directly in our online calendar, and we can meet in person or talk on the phone, depending on your preference and location. I strongly encourage both partners to participate in this chat, so I can get to know each other as we talk about your love story and what means the most to you.

Once our meeting is over, I’ll send over your custom proposal tailored specifically to fit your needs with different options to consider. I always welcome your comments and will discuss any changes with you to finalize it. Once you are happy with it, you can sign our agreement online and lock in your date with a 50% retainer I collect online. We manage our entire process exclusively online to collect signatures, payments and maintain all vendor documentation (and your privacy) throughout the process. As you may have guessed, we love checklists and are extremely organized.

Once your deposit and contract are received, we can finally start working on your design process. Before I start, you’ll receive another online questionnaire to ask you all about your vision and give you an opportunity to share any online inspiration boards you may have started. I will discuss these with you to start defining your style and the mood for your wedding. Based on this, I create a series of visual presentations that capture the vision of your wedding day and lay the foundation for the design of all the elements of your wedding, from the wardrobe selection for you and your bridal party, to the floral decor throughout and even lovely details like your signature cocktails and favors for your guests.

This includes a vision board that captures the overall mood and feel of your wedding, as well as a branding board that defines your color story, textures, and even fonts that will be used for your stationery and custom signs. In the end, you’ll receive a final presentation with curated images for each element of your design and styling of all the lovely details that make your wedding unique.

Your design presentation, along with the allocation of your budget, based on your priorities, will help guide me in personally selecting each member of your dream team. My goal is to match you with the best vendors for your wedding based on their expertise, style, and personality.  We will recommend at least two vendors for every element of your wedding, and attend the first initial consultation with each vendor so you’ll never have to worry about what to ask or how to prepare for a vendor meeting.  We even handle negotiations on price and services, so it never becomes uncomfortable for you.

We will work together to prioritize your budget and allocate it accordingly so that you spend it on what is most important to you. This is so important, or you may run out of money before you have made arrangements for the things that matter most. I have honest discussions with you to set realistic expectations, and also share a few styling secrets with you to stretch your budget.

Our relationship with the best in class vendors not only saves you time and stress but also ensures your day is run seamlessly by a group of talented professionals who work great together. Once all your vendors are booked, contracts are signed, and payments are made, it’s up to me to review all the fine print and make sure your services are what you signed up for. In preparation for your big day, you’ll have access to a series of checklists, an online calendar, timelines for your wedding weekend, payment schedules and cheat sheets for your VIPs, vendors and bridal party the day of your wedding.

As we get closer to your wedding day, I’ll on-board an assistant (or two) to join our team and support me onsite. We are on-site up to 12 hours to direct your vendors like a fine orchestra, to make sure everyone is on time and everything looks great and we’ll handle any issues that may arise on the spot so that your wedding day can be as flawless as possible. Our goal is to work in the background quietly, while the day unfolds naturally. I’ll be there styling your details on the spot so that you can focus on looking and feeling fabulous for your guests and portraits.

On your wedding day, my priority is that you can relax, leave your checklists behind and just focus on celebrating your love with your family and friends. Our job is to manage your vendors, style your photos and lovely details, while you and everyone you love experiences the best day ever and makes memories that last a lifetime.

Photo by Luke + Katherine | Max & Friends

I hope that gives you some insight into our process and answers any questions you may have about working with an event designer.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and want to talk in more detail about our services, contact us today to schedule your initial consultation!



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