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July 25, 2017

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Our interpretation of a romantic and organic beachside wedding is inspired by the sand and the ocean.  A touch of elegance is brought into the design with touches of gold, while an organic feel is brought into the design with loose greenery and garden florals.

We created two vision boards for a lovely couple celebrating their wedding with a seaside ceremony overlooking a lighthouse, followed by an intimate reception under the stars that will celebrate their heritage and unique love story. The bride’s love for the unexpected starts with her desire to wear a non-traditional yet romantic gown and the groom’s Greek heritage is the inspiration for details we’ll highlight in the ceremony and reception.

When designing your own wedding, it’s so important to start with a clear vision before you start looking for vendors to bring it to life.  Both of these vision boards portray a love for the ocean, yet each one sets a different mood for the wedding.  Which one would you choose?

Are you lost in a sea of pretty pictures on Instagram and Pinterest, but struggling with pulling it together into a cohesive and meaningful design? We’d love to help you create a design that is beautiful and also achievable.

Organic Ocean Wedding – Vision Board Inspired by the Ocean


Organic Ocean Wedding – Vision Board Inspired by Sand

Visit us on Pinterest to browse through our inspiration boards by theme, and contact us today to schedule your free consultation and inquire about our availability for your wedding date.


Photo Credits on Pinterest: Organic Oceanside Wedding Inspiration Board

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