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Dreaming Big as a Visionary

How Setting Goals Can Set You Free

As a visionary, dreaming big is a huge part of who I am, and setting realistic goals has helped me chip away at my biggest dreams little by little.  In 2020, I let go of the attachment I had to my ‘perfect outcomes’ and relied on my habits and routines to get me through the toughest days. The ‘control freak’ in me had a hard time letting go of my greatest expectations, but in the end this practice kept me sane.  

When things get out of control, what do you hold onto most to get through your toughest days?  Staying true to my Big Picture Goals allows me to practice gratitude and stay on track without feeling the urge to change my priorities when circumstances beyond my control change.

Grounding myself to ONE WORD also helps remind me of my purpose and intention for the year,  This year, my word is BLOOM.  This word captures my love for gardens and florals, and also reminds me I need room to truly grow and thrive.  I crave more margin in my days.

Big Picture Goals

Big Picture Goals (c) Haydee Duarte

Bloom (v) – def. come into or be in full beauty or health; flourish

The old me would hold onto goals that were actually targets and quickly face disappointment when I could not meet them, even though I was doing all the right actions.  Sound familiar? Ever set a weight goal you didn’t meet?

I learned a long time ago to embrace the PROCESS and let go of the outcome.  This means, falling in love with eating right and exercising regularly, and letting go of reaching an ‘ideal weight’. This means letting go of perfection and being happy with the progress I make, even when I don’t see results quickly. Consistency and commitment get me there, little by little.  

Do you ever feel you don’t have time to do all the things you need to do to reach your biggest goals?  As a busy mom, wife, and entrepreneur, knowing what my weekly tasks and goals are allows me to prioritize what matters most and stay focused while ignoring distractions that come up. It keeps me productive, since all of these are within my span of control.

Ongoing Habits & Routines

Ongoing Habits and Routines Chart (c) Haydee Duarte

As a business owner, there are two things I struggle with the most. 

Just who do you think you are?

It shames me to say that even on my best days, I struggle with Imposter Syndrome.  I feel I am not worthy of the attention and praise I get from my peers and others in the industry.  Even though I have so much to offer, I sometimes feel I have not earned my dues or accomplished enough yet.  This strips me of so much power, and I am working hard to push through these feelings in the new year.  What helped me so much has been finding a group of peers who believe in me, cheer me on and hold me accountable.  I love meeting with my accountability group once a week, and they have kept me going on the days I’ve wanted to quit.  

If you don’t have a trusted group of people to talk to about your personal or business goals, go find one or two people to get on your side. Trust me.  This small step will make a huge difference in your mindset.

“Comparison is the thief of Joy”

I struggle the most to stay focused on my goals when I spend too much time and energy seeing what others are doing, how they are doing it, and comparing my progress to people whose values and priorities probably don’t even align to mine.  This is the hardest habit to break, and I am always working on it.  

This is why you won’t find me being active on Social Media very often.  I make it a point to stay offline until I’ve achieved my goals for the day. This way, I am working from an authentic place true to my heart and not reacting to everything that is happening around me.  It also allows me to engage on a deeper level, guilt-free and free of distractions.

Do any of these resonate with you?  I know I’m not alone.

Business Goals

Business Goals (c) Haydee Duarte

The Best is Yet to Come

Moving Forward with Clarity

This year, more than ever, I’m letting go of the outcomes I was measuring my business against and embracing the heart and vision of the business I want to bring to the world.  This means being more open to requests to create beauty and editorials, embracing a seasonal business model to align with my Big Picture Goals, and continuing to simplify things to further refine my process.  This is how I am bringing some my biggest goals to life this year.

Brand Editorials for Creatives

In 2020, I was approached by so many brands looking to collaborate and was unable to say Yes at the moment.  I simply did not have the bandwidth to work with everyone I wanted to and had a really hard time selecting just one or two editorials to bring to life.  I am open to working with others to create beauty this year and welcome your requests to collaborate. I am also working on ideas for seasonal editorials that may be open to multiple brands at a time.  Stay posted for details.

Fresh Look to My Brand

Stay posted for a(nother) brand update and fresh look, as we reflect on all my business encompasses and represents.  I swear I don’t suffer from Brand Identity.  I just feel it’s time for another facelift realign my brand with my brand vision.  This may include a new Brand name, logo and/or website.  I am in the very early stages of this, so there isn’t much to share on this yet! 

One on One Coaching

I love connecting 1:1 with my peers and others in the industry and LOVED sharing what works for me and guidance on how to live a balanced life without losing sight of what matters most.  However, last year, I realized I was serving others so much that I was depleting my own energy, and feeling drained in the process.  As Emily Ley wrote in Grace, not Perfection, “You can’t draw water from an empty well.” 

This year, I will continue to do that in a more structured way to protect my time while also providing more value to those seeking advice and inspiration. I am available immediately for this service.  Email me to inquire about details.

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