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January 4, 2019

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Everyone (including myself) has been posting their Best Nine on Instagram these days, and I find myself seeking inspiration from my favorite images as I look for fresh content for our vision boards this year.  Is it just me, or is it increasingly harder to stay inspired in a world filled with so much noise and distractions

I have refreshed my goals for this year and am so looking forward to serving YOU in ways that inspire you and feed your soul.  Through a year of much reflection, I have discovered my purpose is so much greater than just creating pretty content for weddings and my potential goes beyond so much more than designing and coordinating flawless events.

There is so much I yearn to share with YOU and I welcome you to join me along on this journey.  I know I have been holding back on so many of my dreams and passions, for the simple FEAR of failing and not living up to others’ version of success.   

2018 was a tough year, as I refined our mission and peeled back the layers of our business plan to get closer to our true purpose.  It was a year of experimenting and learning through new experiences.  I met some great new friends along the way and I learned so much about myself.  I read some books I felt were written just for me and walked a path that was mine alone. 

At times, all I wanted to do was give up.  I felt my business is not growing fast enough, I don’t have enough followers on social media, and have doubted myself for making such a bold change to my brand over the past two years.  It has been difficult creating a brand that is like no other, and that is not built to serve the masses.  It has been humbling to turn couples away because their values don’t align with our own, or because taking work on just for the sake of it would only drain my soul when what I need most is to stay true to my heart.

I am starting this year with a newfound appreciation for the work I do and a fresh perspective for the year ahead.  I closed myself off to some opportunities in the past and have been too cautious with some of my dearest dreams, only to see them wash away and resurface when I least expected them.  I have held on to an idea of what this sweet business of mine ‘should be’ rather than lean into all it ‘can be’ at the risk of losing myself in a sea of uncertainty when my heart has always known why I ever took the risk and started at all.

My family is my greatest treasure and my forever WHYBeauty drives me to do what I do.  Love inspires me to keep going even when the going gets rough.  I am so often reminded that my purpose goes beyond making things pretty.  I will continue doing what I love and feeling blessed for the opportunities I have to create beauty and joy for others when they need it the most.  I will find ways to give back to my community and inspire others to BE THE LIGHT.

I hope you will join me on this journey as I venture off into unknown territory and lean into my greater purpose while growing a brand that was created to serve YOU.

Thank YOU for believing in me, following me, reading my story. 

The Best is Yet to Come.



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